Welcome to We As Words!

"The only way we can come out alive is by feeding our soul and..starving our ego." Haha, indeed! (she heard it from somewhere) As the founder of We As Words, Samia believes this page is not about her, but all of us.  As she seeks to live a much positive, fulfilling, and healthy life, she aims to leave a strong impact among others so they can walk in life with faith and hope in themselves. While she grows, she absolutely loves lifting others along the way!

Samia finds that true happiness comes internally, not just externally, and as she has always been seeking ways to give to the world, she realized it releases a big burden from the soul. Despite whatever negative situation arises, she knows we all have a calling and a gift that can change the world starting now. Her insights has inspired many, and her story may, just may unlock a door in your life too.

This wonderful We As Words community also has spoken-word videos that promote diversity (#weaswords) through topics of unity, love, peace, and many more! Join, and we can help our country be great again by sharing our sparkling voice that is built from unwavering compassion.


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Kind regards

Samia Mehbub

A Lil Bit About the Founder

"I never knew how to be proud of my works, but her style has taught me so, and it took me months to understand this feeling. Hers is just plain happy." -Matthew

"She is a young beautiful woman who reminds us to love ourselves." -Jamie Cid (LeadWithGood)

"She has her own Facebook group on anti-bullying and in many of her articles she speaks from heart of her own life experiences and challenges.  She is a person with a very big heart and a lot of patience which is exactly what you need in someone.  With her on the team, she will truly be an asset to your institution." -Aditi Verma (LeadWithGood)

"From her work and actions, it was clear that every day she pushed herself to seek wisdom and write for the good of the community.  Her articles spread positivity and provide inspiration that one needs to live a fulfilling life." - Priti Bansal (LeadWithGood)

"God gave her a gift, and it's time to open it." -Daniel

"She is one of the sweetest person I know and very talented with her poetry." -Ashley

"Sammie is truly an extraordinary person, her friends believe that if that if they had the opportunity to be closer to her, they would discover inevitable kindness and friendship."- Lindsay

"She is a light in this world. My heart was breaking for the state, and it's people like her that shines light in the darkness. I'm so blessed to know her!" -Lyndsey

"I bet she would write beautiful stories on like God's love." -Deanna

"We As Words is such an amazing project and I'm honored to be a part of it." -Anthony

"I'm so proud of her. She is always doing amazing things. There is always people who may not appreciate what she does, but many are inspired and she DOES make a difference." -Magdalana

"This We As Words group means a lot to me. It makes me feel like I can belong somewhere. She is like a gem." -Adam

"I actually read everything that Sammie posts and shares, and though I send prayers for her, I know Gods hands especially on her heart. She is truly an amazing soul, way beyond her physical time and age." -Warda

"The gentle approach that she is doing is actually the most effective approach on gathering people together. Gandhi was gentle in his approach, and so was Jesus, prophet Muhammaad, and Dali Lama, some incredible examples. They didn't get mad. They were really, really patient. I tell her not to rush and remember that she is actually a butterfly too!" -Taslim

"I've always considered her great, actually one of my best friends." -Jarrius

"She is the most energestic, amazing, positive, special, and unique person I know." -Meghry

"She is wise beyond her years. She takes the time to appreciate every single person, which I feel makes God happy." - Hannah

"I remember hearing her poem for the first time, it made me so happy. It was lovely." - Autumn

"I will never forget the positive impact that Samia had in my life. In my freshman year of high school, she was the girl with a jar full of sunshine necklace. It resembled her so well." -Jason

 "Her positivity, kindness, and silliness will take her far. She has been such a great friend to me in my darkest of times." -Stephanie